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Erikson Audio has been delivering quality products and services to all Pro Audio market segments including retail, broadcast, recording, installation, conferencing, House-of Worship and hospitality for over 25 years. Our dedicated sales and support team have been servicing music retailers, installers, pro audio integrators, architects and consultants across Canada. With in-house marketing, sales, service and parts departments, Erikson Audio is dedicated to providing the quality representation demanded by our world-class manufacturer partners.

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Erikson Audio is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Audio-Technica, Ashly, Fostex, Focusrite, Gator, Hercules, myMix, Novation, PreSonus, Reloop, SurgeX, Symetrix, Tascam, Visionary Solutions, Warm Audio, Wharfedale Pro and Worx Audio.

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Erikson Audio has a dedicated sales rep force calling on retailers and professional sound installers across Canada. With in-house marketing, sales, service and parts departments, Erikson Audio is dedicated to providing the quality representation demanded by the world-class manufacturers that we represent.

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Latest pricing infomation for dealers via EADOX & Direct purchasing for partners via our B2B.

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How to get a stable and tight MIDI setup

If you’ve tried to sequence or control your hardware synths or drum machines with your DAW over MIDI, chances are you experienced strange timing issues or inaccurate synchronization between your computer and your hardware. In this Blueprints Episode we will show you how everything is running smoothly with Multiclock and RME Audio Interfaces.

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How to setup Livestreams with OBS Studio

Live streaming is a great way for musicians to connect with fans worldwide, and with the majority of us quickly having to adapt to working from home, there’s never been a better time to try out YouTube and Facebook’s Live options, or dedicated streaming platforms like Twitch.Take a look at how you can use your RME audio interface for live streaming with the popular open-source software OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

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Announcing Studio One 5

Record, produce, mix, master, and perform all from a single, intuitive application. Designed with ease of use at its core, Studio One® 5 is your creative partner from studio to stage. The Start Page provides what you need to begin your creative process, including a dashboard with all your songs, projects, and shows, plus a personalized user profile that allows you to add custom metadata to all your creations.

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Free pair of Eris E7s when you buy any StudioLive S-Series Console

To get your free pair of Eris E7s, you must have purchased a StudioLive SSeries Console between July 1st, 2020 and August 31st, 2020. Entry Form must be received by October 1, 2020.

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Free PX-1 microphone when you buy any StudioLive Rack Mixer.

To get your free PX-1 Microphone, you must have purchased a StudioLive Rack Mixer between July 1st, 2020 and August 31st, 2020. Entry Form must be received by October 1, 2020.

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Major performance upgrades come to SL MkIII

Comprehensive firmware update brings powerful new features to flagship keyboard controller. The v1.4 firmware update for our flagship SL MkIII range of controller keyboards brings immense new composition and performance features, which greatly expand its capabilities.

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Ashly Audio Helps Beertown Public House Elevate its AV Operations

Wiens utilizes Ashly Audio Pema amplifiers in all six Beertown locations. The Protēa-equipped Pema media amplifier is available in either 4 or 8-channel at 250 Watts or 125 Watts per channel. Pema provides a full 8-in x 8-out matrix mixer – and any input can be assigned to any output. Pema is also a digital signal processor with the full Protea™ suite of DSP settings.

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Official support of Scarlett Solo & Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen extended to USB-C iPad Pro

Focusrite announces official support for 3rd Generation Scarlett Solo and Scarlett 2i2 interfaces on USB-C iPad Pro. Now, Scarlett interfaces really can go anywhere: wherever you’d take an iPad Pro, Scarlett Solo and Scarlett 2i2 can follow.

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Erikson Audio presents the Deva by Powersoft

As an advanced multimedia device, Deva is a convergence of multiple devices that can be easily deployed anywhere, enabling automated and direct interaction with the public. Its camera, high powered speaker and multiple sensors are designed to complement each other and to interact with third-party applications to offer several services spanning from safety, to information and entertainment.

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Erikson Audio and Av Shop Present: Focusrite Pro ‘An Introduction to Dante

In light of this, Focusrite Pro, along with Erikson Audio and AV Shop is offering to provide a webinar on Audio-over IP with an overview of Audinate’s Dante software and our Red, RedNet and ISA hardware solutions. In these uncertain times it can be increasingly difficult to keep an active lesson plan, we’re here to help keep your students engaged.

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How to set up your Audio Interface

PreSonus Software Specialist Gregor Beyerle walks you through Studio One’s Track Options.

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New support for Launchpad in Logic Pro X

With Apple’s release of Logic Pro X 10.5 comes Live Loops, which for the first time brings cell-based looping playback and performance to the popular music software platform. Launchpad, with its 8x8 grid of colourful and expressive pads, extends the Live Loop experience and makes the Logic workflow more hands-on.

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Joe Gilder's 7 Favorite Presonus Studio One Features

Joe Gilder shares his favorite Studio One features that won him over.

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AV Over IP Encoder and Decoder Appliance for 4K Live Streaming

The VS-R265 is a 4K/UHD AV over IP streaming encoder and decoder that simultaneously records, encodes, streams, and decodes 4K video streams (3840x2160) using High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), a high efficiency coding scheme that delivers H.264 video quality at half the bit rate.

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RME Babyface Pro FS In-Depth

Derek Badala from Sythax goes over the ins & outs of the new Babyface Pro FS from his webinar

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RME - Livestream with OBS under macOS

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How to Live Stream with PreSonus StudioLive

Joe Gilder shares his live-streaming setup, centered around the StudioLive Series III mixer.

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How to Live Stream with PreSonus StudioLive

Do you want to live stream your music to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch - with amazing sound quality? StudioLive AR Mixers are an excellent choice then. PreSonus Software Specialist Gregor Beyerle walks you through the whole setup process in just 5 minutes.

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New Weekly Online RF Training and Live Q&A

When the dust settles and industry ramps back up there will be an extensive backlog of new projects, shows, and opportunities. Technical training, product training and learning new skills are all excellent ways to level up while many venues and events are on hold. These webinars are free and open to the public.


Free EarMix 16M when you buy a StudioLive Series III S Console

To get your free EarMix 16M, purchase a StudioLive Series III S console between March 1st, 2020 and May 31st, 2020.

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Uncover the full potential of Powersoft Amplifiers and ArmoniaPlus Software Integration

The Powersoft Install Training 101i introduces concepts and fundamental principles of Powersoft amplifiers with ArmoniaPlus software Control.  We reveal everything a professional needs to know to set up the amplifier for plug-and-play operation through a complete basic ArmoníaPlus project, from the initial configuration to the installation. This training is designed for both new and experienced Integrators seeking to build a solid foundational understanding of the full potential of Powersoft products when used with the proprietary ArmoniaPlus software control.

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Making Multi-Zone Wireless Mic Systems Work

This spring, the Archdiocese of Boston unveiled a $26M restoration of the 150 year old Cathedral of the Holy Cross. An architectural marvel, the 2000 seat cathedral is the largest in New England, and surpasses St. Patrick's in New York City in size. This poses a challenge in configuring a -works everywhere- wireless mic system. Landry Audio, a division of CommLink Integration, took on the project. Multi-zone wireless microphone projects, sometimes referred to as DAS (short for Distributed Antenna System) are unique in the world of wireless audio. Often times these projects don't have a very high channel count, since a musical act with 8 wireless microphones and 8 channels of IEMs typically perform in one fixed stage area. Not always ...

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New version of DJAY now available

ALGORIDDIM have simplified the overall amount of software versions by reducing everything to just one version of djay. This version is available as a free download to every user and has even more features than the previous free version of djay. When a Reloop controller is connected, some exclusive features are additionally enabled. The following DJAY software comparison chart is designed to make the latest version of djay with previous versions easily comparable.

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600 MHz Trade-In Rebate Program

The FCC has reallocated the 600 MHz frequency band (614 – 698 MHz) for wireless broadband use. With this reallocation, wireless microphone systems will eventually be prohibited from operating in the 600 MHz band. If you’re currently operating a 600 MHz wireless system, you will need to transition to a new system at some point—anytime from now until July 13, 2020, depending on where you are operating your wireless system. Due to the complexity of the reallocation and the number of parties involved, there is no way to accurately predict just how – or when – the changes will unfold. This is why Audio-Technica is offering a “Trade In On Your Terms” program to help you make the switch out of 600 MHz. For each 600 MHz wireless system you trade in (regardless of manufacturer) you’ll receive a rebate on an eligible Audio-Technica wireless system.

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Introducing New Brainworx Focusrite ISA Plug-ins, exclusively free for Clarett and Red Series customers

Two of the most revered pieces of recording gear in the history of music production, the Focusrite ISA 110 Equalizer and ISA 130 Dynamics Modules helped to shape the sonic landscape of the 1980s and 90s have been recreated by the geniuses at Brainworx. The new bx_console Focusrite plug-in for Mac and PC faithfully captures the sound, feel and styling of Focusrite’s original iconic hardware - and it's now included for free with every Focusrite Clarett and Focusrite Pro Red-Series audio interface.

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RME ADI-2 DAC - Ultra-Fidelity PCM/DSD 768 kHz DA Converter

The ADI-2 DAC includes an improved SteadyClock, a fine-tuned to perfection analog circuitry, remote control, Extreme Power headphone output and a very special IEM output. It has all the bells and whistles that made the ADI-2 Pro famous, including its perfectly transparent sound signature and full DSP processing with Bass, Treble, Loudness, 5 Band Parametric EQ, Crossfeed and much more. With its simplified operation and stunning design it is the ideal center piece from home listening up to studio reference playback.

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Free Fat Channel Collection

Get the full Fat Channel Collection free when you purchase a StudioLive Series III S console or rack mixer.

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Introducing Powersoft Mezzo Series

Mezzo offers the same sound clarity, reliability, and overall build quality of any Powersoft install dedicated amplifier platform in a ½ rack unit form factor. It comes in 2 power supply sizes, 2 or 4 channels, and state of the art DSP.

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Scarlett Gen 3 Has Arrived

Featuring six configurations of ins and outs with the best performing Scarlett mic preamps the range has ever heard, now with Air, high headroom instrument inputs, and high-performance converters, Scarlett is enabling millions of musicians, songwriters and producers to record, mix and play back audio in studio quality everywhere, all the time.

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Spectrum Analysis for Wireless Mics and IEMs: Part 1

There is a certain path to troubleshooting RF that may produce results, but I have to say that without being able to visualize what's going on in the RF environment, the best I can do is guess most times.

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Presonus Eris Remastered

With their smooth, accurate frequency response; powerful amplification with tons of headroom; and acoustic tuning functions that ensure you always get the best sound... it's no wonder that the original Eris®-series studio monitors have been a runaway hit since their introduction.

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